Tuesday, March 22, 2011

TempleCon Game 3

Going into game three I wound up vs a Black Templar army played by a fairly experienced opponent. This round's mission was table quarters. He had two vindicators, a Land Raider, a rhino and either a razorback or a predator grouped together in the center of the board. He sent a unit of terminators with assault cannons against my right.

I again used the Ultramarine/Space Marine ability to split my Tactical Squads into Combat Squads and was able to spread out. I put five marines with a Lascannon on the objective on my side to the left. The Land Raider with terminators went straight down the center with Ironclad Dred and a rhino with the remainder of the Tactical Squad inside following behind. I had a five-man no upgrade Tactical Squad in a Razorback w/Lascannons holding the objective on my side on the right.

Turn one I learned that Vindicators shoot large templates that hurt Marines. I started shooting at his vehicles but decided to leave the vindicators alone and shoot at the stuff that had troops inside. Turn two the Legion of the Damned landed where I wanted then to and, again, drew a lot of attention. That allowed the Land Raider to meet up with his and the rhino following behind to zoom off to the objective on his side on the left unmolested. Then both of our Land Raiders unloaded and the brawl was on. He had a dude called "the Emperor's Champion" that is just silly tough. The game ended with me controlling two quarters and "contesting" the other two. So a minor victory but still a victory!

This player was an awesome opponent. He really helped me to understand the game and was more concerned with teaching the game to me than getting a victory. On paper I grabbed a victory but  I have to believe that it was like playing you eight-year-old nephew in checkers for the guy - you don't want to lose but you're going to go easy so as not to be discouraging.

But the victory was a victory on paper and put my at 2-1 in the tournament.  That record, combined with my painting score and coming in 2nd in sportsmanship put me in 6th overall. Now I"m hooked on 40K.

The Good: A good player giving actual real-time game advice. LotD doing some damage!!

The Bad: Black Templar Terminators combined with the Emperor's Champion can kick some tail!

The Stout Smurf


  1. Nice write ups mate and welcome to the Blogosphere, I love reading about guys jumping into the tourney scene and having a great time. It echoes my own story as I only started playing competitively last year.

    Good work so far and keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for the kind words.

    My goal is to have guys like us help each other out. I am by no means an expert on anything but would like to improve myself by putting this out there and having people help me out.

  3. Nice reports. I look foward to more in the future. Army looks top notch too. Makes me wish I was on the east coast and not in a corn field in Iowa. Keep up the good stuff!

  4. Hey Jim Kevin from TempleCon, Ill be at the Colonial, if your there friday night look to me for a challenge/picj up game. The Smurf Brigade of Tron looks awsome online and even better in person


  5. Great to see another player finding tournaments fun and competitive. Nothing like being able to have fun in an event. And welcome to the community!

  6. Kevin,

    I'll be wandering around on Friday night. Let's meet up.

    Thank you all for the kind words. I'll be asking you all for help coming up!


  7. If I do run into you Id like to give you a nice introduction to the Dark Eldar (or an eldar race army) as they play uniquely

  8. I'll see you there Kevin. Even if we don't play we can tip a few and chat.

    Can you give me that link to your "cool mini or not" picture so i can share with others.

  9. Hey man, nice lookin' army! I'm new to the game too,I'm just playing 1500 pts so far with a proxy Rzrbk (M1 abrams!) and a Land Raider played by a WWI boxy beast heh heh So seeing you start out with a proper (LotD no less) complete army makes me Salamander green with envy!