Saturday, March 26, 2011

Army Painter - You'll be Amazed!

To All,

Army Painter Colour Primers - I'm a fan.

I have been using them since my introduction to these colored primers by Jawaballs on different, non-Games Workshop figures:
The red on the Clurichauns and the green on the Leprechauns is straight out of the can primer without any shading at all.
 The black on these Orangemen is just the primer.

BUT...Here is the genius of Army Painter. The following marines were "painted" by my 12 year-old son using only:
Army Painter Platemail Metal primer
Snot Green
Blood Red
Bleached Bone
Badab Black Wash
Skull White
 More on this tomorrow...

The Stout Smurf


  1. Will you kid paint my space marines for me? :)

  2. Very nice. Where do you buy this product?

    PS - I'm just across the river from ya.

  3. I buy it at my local hobby shop. Clockwork Comics in Orange, CT.

    Before I send you to there web site hear one thing from me - Do not get sucked into their Quickshade product. Washing with Badab Black gives you a much better result.

    No Quickshade.

    Check it out here:

    Remember - no quickshade.

  4. Tordeck - where?

    Are you going to the Colonial?

  5. Ok so maybe not just across the river. I game in Rockland, NY at Toy Wiz for directions

    Not going to Colonial but some of my club members will be there. - Ordo Malleus - our boards, where you can get our monthly tournament schedule and casual gaming schedule

  6. Oh yeah - Jawa came down for the last 40K tourney you guys had there and thought it was great!

    I'll definitively be down for one in the next couple of months.

  7. Interesting this might just speed up the process of my Marines. I'll have to look into it.

  8. I love the Army Painter Primer, I bought 3 for my Blood Angels after watching one of Jawaballs vids and I plan to get the navy blue or green for my fiancee depending on if she chooses ultramarines or Salamanders

  9. The Dragon Red is outstanding. Not only are the colors convenient but it is also an outstanding primer. Great, one coat coverage yet thin enough as to not fill in details.

    Great product for the hobby.

  10. I seen lots of people have great luck with their products. I agree that the quick shade doesn't give very good results and that their sprays combined with GW washes looks a lot better. I hope to try this stuff out on my Orks.

  11. I've been quick-shading a lot...maybe its because I'm new but i loved the results. You say try using the Badab Black wash...I'll have to give that a try (sigh, all my models look like test models).

    Do you just wash the entire model? I play Blood Angels with a 'Blood Raven' theme (see PC game Dawn of War). I normally use Mechrite (GW) with Chaos Black Primer. But I'd love to use the primer color from Army Painter. Just don't think the "pure red" and "Dragon Red" colors look dark enough. Any suggestions?

    I'll be posting some pictures as soon as I get around to starting my own blog.

  12. Just Had my First Expierence with the Dragon Red Primer and I was retarded and some of it was too far away so I ended up ruining some models unless i can hopefully strip them

  13. Smackycat did the big Army Painter blunder. This stuff is NOT GW primer. The particles are smaller and if you are not spraying almost right on top of the model, sometimes the particles dry in mid air creating a sand paper effect. I have made a lot of video on the topic.

  14. I managed to strip off 97% of the paint on them so gonna try n give them a redo and if fails then ill buy a new dread and box of termnies this week