Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Next Stop - The Colonial GT

This is being billed as a more relaxed Grand Tournament which will hopefully be noob friendly! I am Pretty sure I going to be running the same list as I ran at TempleCon. I talked it over with Jawaballs and I basically have three choices for the list/figures:

1) Run the same list and come with the same figures I already have painted up; or

2) Run the same list but "upgrade" a few of my figures with either better (read - non black reach marines) figures or better paint jobs; or

3) Change a couple of elements on the list and paint the corresponding figures/models.

Considering the tournament is sixteen days away and my army list is due in two days I'll have to make a decision tonight.

The Colonial GT is April 8 - 10 at the Westin Hotel at the Forrestal Village in Princeton New Jersey.

The Stout Smurf


  1. I usually paint something new for every tournament I enter. This keeps my army fresh and new! I say get that dread done! Worry about the rest for Nova.

  2. You win Jawa, you win.

    The Dreadnought is first.