Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Painting the Jawaballs bases to look like stone.

To All,

First a quick note; When I paint terrain I like to use Americana acrylics from DecoArt. I have used them on various terrain pieces and figures and find it to be very durable and the colors are very, very consistent from bottle to bottle.

The 60mm base for the dreadnought is made from black resin so I didn't do anything to it besides soak and scrub it. The 25mm bases are regular resin so after I soaked and scrubbed them I primed them black.

I first painted Dark Chocolate on all of parts of the base. The dark chocolate on the non-stone parts of the base will be covered by flocking so at this point I'm not too concerned about those areas. They will be flocked and set after the figure has been put on the base. In this picture the paint is still wet - it does not dry that shiny.

The next step is to dry brush the Americana color Coco on the stone sections leaving the "dirt" sections alone.

Next I applied Citadel Gryphonne Sepia wash to enhance the dry brushing/highlighting.

And then a final dry brush of Desert Sand to bring out the highest ridges on the stone to add depth.

I chose this color for the stone because I'm planning ahead for my "fancy" display board. I'm thinking a raised alter area with stone steps cascading down to the vehicles on the bottom. Still in the planning stages though.

I will post after the colonial how the black bases did verses the traditional white/tan resin. I'll snap some pics and let you be the judge.

The Stout Smurf


  1. I need to get started on my first display board but not idea how to even start said task. Any thoughts?

  2. Pin up board from walmart. Has a nice frame. Just texture right over the cork. It's also light weight.

  3. I think Jawaballs had something on his blog or youtube on them. I think that where I got the idea. Otherwise check out my blog, I have a small article on one I made recently. I have a "how to" in the works and will be up later in the coming weeks on easy, fast, and cheap boards.