Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bases from Jawaballs!!

To All,

I had my painting rubric from TempleCon and I was going to scan it in and share it with you but I seem to have misplaced it. It will turn up in a couple of days but in the meantime I need to forge ahead.

One of the categories I did poorly on was basing. For all the models and figures in my current army I used the bases that came with them from Games Workshop and glued a flocking mix to it. It is the same mix I used for my display board so for the casual passerby it wasn't obvious but the judging was another matter So that is one area that I'm going to concentrate on to grab some extra points.

I dropped by Jawa's room today to get some of his resin bases .He had three sizes so i helped myself to a "set" of all three.(Thanks buddy!)

 The first set: 25mm textured:

The next set:
40mm textured black resin bases. I asked Jawaballs why black? His response was pretty interesting: during transport oftentimes the edges of his bases get chipped. With the paint chipped away the white resin shows through making the bases look "banged up." With the black resin the chips won't be obvious.

And I had to get a 60mm dreadnought base, also black resin.

I'm going to soak, scrub, prime, and paint these up.

I do not think you have to prime the black bases. I'm going to paint them without priming - i'll let you know how it goes.

The Stout Smurf


  1. I just seal my bases with some Testors DullCoat. It works perfectly and you can paint it anyway you want! That's a smart idea by jawaballs though. I never considered that....
    Keep up the great work though! Loving your army right now!

  2. Those bases are available for sale by the way. I have one for every size, including Storm Raven/Valk flyer bases, biker bases and every thing below. :) They are not on my site so email me if you are interested.

  3. Nice seeing a new Ultramarines Blog out there. I hide mine over at Bolter and Chainsword.


  4. idget - this may sound like a dumb question but you seal before or after you paint?

    Ming - is Bolter and Chainsword your blog. If I have time I'll check it out tonight

  5. Stanton, Bolter and Chainsword is a forum for Space Marines. There are a few major forums, Dakka Dakka and Bolter and chainsword being two of them. Oh, and I am going out to the comic shop in White Plains tomorrow to get a practice game in for Colonial. You should come!

  6. I tried to paint my resin bases without priming and it was a disaster. The paint chipped off easier, and the models really needed to be pinned. I usually prime, paint the base, and then dull coat it before the miniature is glued down. It is always good to experiment though, so I'll be looking forward to your results with the black resin.

  7. Drath you will have some of these in your hands soon yourself!

  8. Jawa - I'm busy tomorrow. I'd love to come but, alas, I can't. I feel like a moron about the "Bolter and Chainsword" question but I'm still learning.

    Drath - We'll all find out this week how the black bases go.

  9. First hand experience is always better!