Sunday, March 27, 2011

Army Painter - Continued

To All,
My son, who has been coming to wargaming conventions and helping me run games for three years, wants to learn how to play 40K. We decide that he should paint his own army and, because I'm just learning how to play, learn to play Space Marines.

I tell him to look through Codex Chapters and pick something he thinks is cool but thinks he can paint on his own. He selects the Doom Legion.(Likes the skull - only one with a jawbone (I don't know either))

I want to make it as simple for him as possible but still have an army he can be proud of.  This is what I came up with:

1) Black Reach marines from ebay.
2) Prime figures with Army Painter Platemail Metal.(I primed them)
3) Fill in shoulder pads and gun with Black
4) Snot Green on the trim of shoulder pad, chest eagle, and vents on backpack. Plus any other raised eagle or skull.
5) Blood red and bleached bone on purity seal.
6) Wash entire figure with Badab Black. The wash fills in all the crevices on the metal and the green. 
7) Red in Eyes.

This is the pretty sweet result:

(I painted the yellow in the headlights and spotlight. We worked together on the lenses. Teaching and Practicing)

The keys to the entire process are the Army Painter primer and the Badab Black wash.

The Stout Smurf


  1. Greetings! First time poster on the new stout smurf blog. Anyway I was very impressed by the painting job. How old is your son? I mean that is pretty good quality for anyone first time painting. I've only been painting for a few months and the only real thing I would say in my newbie opinion is that the winged skull (for the sergeant) could use a little less paint or a finer detail brush because it looks like a lot of detail was lost. But other than that they are definitely looking good.

    On a side note it is good to see a lot of people painting their models because its no fun playing against grey models!

  2. Very cool welcome to the blogosphere as the kids say or something. Very cool to see Doom Legion out and about. Very nice paint job.

  3. Those are far better than my first painted miniatures 20+ years ago!

  4. Thumbs up! Looks like he has the basics down.
    Now teach him about drilling out those barrels. hahaha

  5. Very nice job S-Smurf and son!! My friend is doing Doom Legion but he has only painted 4 models in a year. I am sending him a link to your blog as a hint!!
    My son and I have been painting and playing 40k for about 6 years (he got ME into it!) and the hundreds of hours we spend together have been wonderful! It is a great father-son hobby and I hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as I have!!!

  6. Can't wait til the Jawababy, or Baby Balls as coined by a blog reader is old enough. I gave him a brush and some paper the other day with some Crayola Washable Tempera. A couple dabs on the paper, and blammo, the rest in the mouth. Guess 15 months was a little too early. :)

  7. You are right on the money Hightower - the time my son and I have spent wargaming together, all aspects of it - painting, traveling to conventions,planning scenarios, etc., is (not to sound like a corny commercial) priceless.

    I can't wait until he gets a few more games under his belt and i can unleash him at the local shop.