Saturday, March 19, 2011

Taking the 1850 list to TempleCon - Game 1

I brought my list to TempleCon.

In my first game I landed against a tough opponent with a vehicle laden Blood Angels army.   A bad result on my deepstrike roll (and re-roll) allowed my opponent to place the Legion of the Damned where ever he wanted. He put them in a far corner and they didn't get a chance bust open a tank and meet up with the terminators like they were supposed to. The guy was a top tier player and proceeded to blast my army off the table me in just a few turns. But thats ok. I learned a lot in defeat and, according to Jawaballs and the other veteran players there,  would luckily be at the bottom of the heap for round two.

The Good: I learned that the Land Raider/Terminators can last a few turns of heavy fire. I got a real tournament game under my belt.

The Bad: Relying on luck, LoD going where I want, can lead to getting wiped out. Also - I don't have enough ranged fire-power to go against a heavy tank/vehicle list.

The Stout Smurf


  1. Good ole Bill found himself a baby seal in game one. I will make him pay next time I see him on the tables Smurf.

  2. Although Bill crushed, I mean absolutely crushed me, he is a decent guy and very good opponent. He knew I was new to 40K so he was took some time explaining all the steps to his movement, shooting, and assaults and then critiquing mine.
    I learned a lot from this defeat.

  3. You have such a good looking force! It makes me want to paint some ultra marines!

  4. Great army man, you are going to my blogroll right now!! :)

  5. Ultramarines are the way to go! Of course I'm saying that because I don't have any other experience with any other force.

    I'll add you to my Blog roll. What is your blog?