Monday, March 21, 2011

TempleCon Game 2

For game two I drew a newer Tau player. This was a objective mission so I combat squaded my tactical squads and put them in cover for a late game objective grab. I sent the Terminators, Librarian, and Chaplain in the Land Raider right down the center of the board with the Ironclad Dred right behind. After trading shots on the first two turns my Dread was gone but all else was in tact. Then the Legion of the Damned deepstriked to the spot where I wanted them to go. The appearance of the LotD threw the guy off his plan. He had two units of infantry get out of their transports to shoot. 44 shots netted him two LotD casualties. 

I fired the plasma cannon at the closest group (I'm going to learn a lesson here!) and it scattered back onto my unit eliminating two additional LotD Legionnaires leaving only the sergeant. Over the next three turns he single-handedly eliminated those two units. Back to loving the Legion of the Damned!

Meanwhile the Land Raider got popped about eight inches from his main line and the terminators+ charged out and immediately drew the fire from everything he had left. This allowed me to Lascannon and Autocannon the rest of his vehicles and battlesuits off the board. 

I claimed all victory points. The Stout Smurf is now 1-1 heading into the third round.

The Good: I stuck to my plan and got lucky with the LotD which produced a victory. My opponent was so concerned with my Teminators and Legion of the Damned that he didn't even fire on my Tactical Marines. I was able to see how effective doing something to throw a guy off his battle plan can be.

The Bad: Any hope Jawaballs had of convincing me that the Legion of the Damned are not worth the points went out the window.


  1. after that report have you any success with them, they are really cool looking models.

    and if they are THAT good then they are justified.

  2. woroxon,

    I did get lucky with saving throws but at the end of turn 6 he was still standing.

    The Stout Smurf