Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Masts: Part 4....

To All,
With some advice from herzogbrian I finished the masts and sails. This was a gigantic paint in the ass but is finally done.

I painted the masts the same way I painted the ships.( you can check the "Ships" posts for colors and steps) The sails were also looking pretty rough so I put them over a can and sprayed them with Clear matte. The matte spray will give the sails that 'full of wind" look::

Then, on the suggestion of herzogbrian, primed some small eye hooks black and screwed them into the masts. (make sure you drill a pilot hole or the dowel will split - I was warned, didn't listen, and learned the hard way) The eyelet was opened with needle-nose pliers:

Then, after drilling a pilot hole, screwed another eyelet into the part that has the sail:

The result is that you can put on the lower sail to show a ship at full sail....

....or you can remove the lower sail for easier game play or to simulate a sail getting damaged during the battle:

Pretty smart.....

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