Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Sloop: Conclusion....

To All,

herzogbrian has finished up the sloop. Let's check it out....

These should be the last pics for the sloop of war. I changed my mind and rigged her as a Hermaphrodite Brig or Brigantine...all-on-all a good rig for a Pirate vessel. A cross between a true square rig and a lateen rig.

Spray painted the sails sand color and once dry trimmed all the loose threads. Stained the masts and spares Walnut:

Glued the booms for the lateen main sail in place. Then attached the sails to the yards with wood glue and held them in place with binder chips until they dried a bit:

Short of whimping out and painting the stern gallery in gold leaf..I added a little color. After the boat was sealed, hand brushed in clear gloss to pick the windows out a little better:

Here she is all put together and ready to sail. Now all Jim needs to is break a mini bar bottle of champaign across her bow and name her.

Had fun tricking out the sloop. While I was at it, had a chance to paint a terrain piece that I have been wanting to do for some time. Here are some pics of her. Just need to add seaweed to complete it. I will send it up with the sloop so that you can use it as a terrain piece:

Thank you herzogbrian! The only question is - what name to christen the ship?

If you want to check out Viscount Eric's progress on his ships go to

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