Monday, February 6, 2012

Cannon: Part 3....

To All,

Cannon finished!I must say that the quality of the sculpt and the casting on these cannon helped to get them done quickly. Not a lot of excess flashing and great detail.

Here is how the end came about.....

The truck were already primed brown:

Then I painted them Dark Chocolate. I may seem like a skirt for wearing the glove but it does keep the fingers and, more importantly, underneath the fingernails paint free. Anyone with a job where you deal with the public on a daily basis will understand:

A drybrush of Milk Chocolate:

Then a drybrush of Grey Gris. This looks too grey right now but wait for the wash:

The cannon are primed black:

The I used Army Painter Plate Mail primer. I did one pass on a 45-degree angle to keep some of the shadows.

Then the cannon are glued to the trucks with ZapGap and the raised lines and details hit with GW Dwarf Bronze. At this point it looks very shiny until.....

....a liberal wash of Badab Black is applied. It tones down the "shiny" and fills in the detail:

Here are all three steps - the right is Army Painter + the Dwarf bronze, the middle is the wet Badab Black, and to the left is the dry, completed cannon:
Here are the 25 Brigade Games cannon finished.

Let me know what you think.

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