Thursday, February 9, 2012

British Marines: Finally some figures......

To All,

Lon From Brigade Games sent me 40 British Marines to paint up. Last night I had some time to prep, prime, base, and get some painting done. This is the part of the hobby that I truly enjoy - listening to some music and painting.

First the prep - I removed the flashing from the figures and flattened out their bases. I have a heavy XACTO  knife and Red Handled clippers from Army Painter. The "Red Handles" are designed to clip metal and do a terrific job on the Marines:

Then to the priming board. These 26 were primed using Army Painter Skeleton Bone. I'm hoping this light undercoat will help with blocking and shading. We will find out together in the next couple of days how this works out:

Although the camera wasn't charged when I primed and painted these 14 figures I wanted to give you a look. They were primed with Krylon Ruddy Brown Primer. The coats are DecoArt True Blue. I did three different color beards for this unit - grey, red, and blond - plus I did the eyes. All of these steps will be shown/discussed over the next week.
More to come....

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