Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gnome Wars: The Joust @ Fall In! last weekend....

To All,

Just some shots from the joust that my son ran at Fall In this past weekend. There just a few pictures as the action was intense. A newcomer won the double elimination tournament this year. I was knocked from my chicken!

Sam-I-Am, a veteran of the joust and all things Gnome Wars takes on a newcomer...

 ...action from another table.

A Samurai and Bunny Cavalry meet at the rail.

That is a handsome man figuring out the 25 player bracket.

I get knocked off my mount, Pancake the Chicken, by a dame! I was disgusted and left my figure there so all could see my shame.

A close-up of my large ___________.... (fill in your own word you dirty bird).

More to come from the weekend......

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