Monday, November 11, 2013

Zombie Apocalypse survivors.........

To All,

Here are my "party" for the Gnome Wars  zombie game on Saturday night at Fall In. King Stanton, McCray the berserker, Gunny the Shish Bomber, Vasily the Russian, and Dienekes - the three legged dog.

To create a party you have 32 "sides of die" to spend. So, die the figure rolls is what point cost it is. (This is different from regular Gnome Wars thus, the explanation.) So here is my "party" with explanation:

 King Stanton: 10 points.
Stanton rolls a d10, which costs 10 points.  If there is a named character of you in the rules you have to take him. Stanton is a solid choice in any Gnome Wars game. Rolls a d10 in melee, gets a +1 modifier within 12 inches of his gold, can summon the "Rainbow Connection," and in regular Gnome Wars is a medic. In the zombie scenario leadership and silent head smashing is key.

McCray the berserker: 10 points.
The name says it all. McCray wading into zombies, launching into bloodlust while Stanton gets away. It almost brings a tear to my eye.

Gunny the Shish Bomber: 6 points.
Gnome Wars is WYSIWYG, and you see that Gunny has no weapons. (which is why he rolls a d6 in melee in Gnome Wars). What he does have is one of the most powerful and largest blast radius in the game. Bit he is a bit of a wildcard for two reasons: The explosions draw zombies and the number of bombs he has is subject to the result of a d20.

Vasily the Russian: 6 points.
Vasily has no melee weapons except the blunderbuss, but that blunderbuss fires like a shotgun and, I believe, will be valuable in the close quarter fighting that I'm sure is coming. In addition because of his "great coat" he is always in light cover (-1 modifier to shooter) in case there are other alive or undead things that can shoot. At the very least I will bid Vasily 'Do svidaniya' as he blocks/defends an alleyway or doorway.

Dienekes: Non-combatant - no cost.
Dienekes is King Stanton's loyal companion and has pulled the wagon carrying the King's gold for decades. To old to fight, the gold will be within 12 inches of Stanton.
I'm pretty confident with this crew. My son, who is running the game, questioned my choices and wondered why I didn't choose a ninja, a Highlander swordsman with a shield, or a Swiss halberd captain. All solid choices, but I'm standing pat with this.
Let me know your thoughts.......

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