Friday, November 8, 2013

Terrain Preview - Gnome Wars: ...just not the slowest

To All,

Here at a look at the terrain and buildings for the Gnome Wars Zombie game on Saturday night. This is the basic set up. The players will have 25 minuets to place barricades and fortifications.

 The main buildings are the Farmstead and the Roadside Inn. Advantage - They both have courtyards with high walls. Disadvantage - Far from the escape route.

The Tower. It will be set away from the buildings with its own accommodations. Disadvantage - low barrier walls. Advantage - I don't think Zombies can climb ladders.

Cemetery.  If you have played in Gnome Wars games before, you know not to piss on anything in here!

Here are a few shots from a distance.

The GM is finalizing the list of available supplies. The players will have to make decisions on how to use them before the game begins. I will post the rules for making up your 'party' tomorrow.
All buildings, tents, and the tower are from the Miniature Building Authority and come out of the box, ready to play. Click on the link to check them out. The Miniature Building Authority.


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