Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sorry about last week - I'm back.

To All,
Sorry that nothing was posted last week. I went with my family to Washington, DC and had scheduled some posts to go up but I screwed it up somehow and I'm not tech-savvy enough to correct it through my phone. I haven't been to Washington since I was 18. It was fantastic and I recommend it to anyone as a nice, 3-4 day trip.

On Monday I'll start regular posting again.

Happy Easter everyone!

The Stout Smurf.


  1. we could of played a game while you were in town. Beltway Gamers would of been happy to host!

  2. After being gone the entire weekend before at the Colonial that would have gone over like a lead balloon. I would have liked to come by and see where you guys play though. is it a "club" or do you play at a store? If it's the crew you had at the Colonial there must be some pretty tough games week in and week out.

  3. We play in and around the DC area and we have games ranging from fun and fluffy to 'Ard Boyz Prep... To be honest its all in what your looking for that week!