Thursday, April 14, 2011

Colonial GT Recap - Day 2

To All,
Entering day two I figure I'm going to have two opponents who are having similar luck, matchup, and list issues.

Round Four:
My round four opponent was running Demons.
Again the dice failed me. I couldn't make a single saving throw the entire game. I didn't get tabled though and I did manage to get 6 game points. But Demons are nasty - the Princes and keeper of Secrets were wicked.

So this brings me to Game Five. I'm feeling that I'll be able to get at least a draw if not a win. I have 6 points, the guy I'm going to be paired against only has 13 points. But, as the weekend is going, they guy drops out and I'm then paired against the "ringer." The ringer is Ray O'Dowd and he has a "Deathwing" army and knows how to play it. He dismantles me and I end the tournament getting tabled. Ray was a great opponent and the game was incredibly fun.

Thus, I ended up with the Smokin' Boots. I would like to make it like the Stanley Cup - I'll hold onto the trophy until I present it to the Smokin' Boots recipient next year. That would be pretty cool.

The Stout Smurf


  1. Sorry to hear that luck wasn't really on your side. Did you still feel you learned a lot? Are you going to modify your list?

    Very nice daemons, although I like your army even more.

  2. I'm glad I went and came away with a ton of knowledge about the tournament scene.

    My next few posts are the changes I'm thinking of making.

  3. Pretty nice! I'll be going to my first tournament in a few weeks time. Do you have any advice?

  4. We used to have the smoking boots thing going on for our software development team. Instead of boots it was a bowling pin painted gold, but the idea was the last person who botched the code had to have the thing sitting on his desk until he was able to present it to the next person. Public humiliation does serve a point!

  5. Well there is always next tournament. Remember you learn more from losses than wins. I'm loving the blog so far, keep up the good work. Check out my blog some time.