Saturday, June 23, 2012

28mm Skeletons: Part 2 Second Batch....

To All,

Here is the rest of the the Basic Skeletons tutorial. (Sorry it took so long but I have had a crazy month.)  The Skeletons, as always, are from Emperor's Choice: Emperor's Choice Basic Skeletons.

After priming and hitting the figures with Skull White, The Scorched Brown for the leather, Bittersweet Chocolate for the wood. These colors are painted on.

Then a drybrush of Bestial Brown for the leather, Dark Chocolate for the wood.

Drybrush of Milk Chocolate for the wood...

...and Snakebite Leather for the leather.

Light drybrush of Honey Brown for the wood.

All metal is painted with Boltgun Metal.

Dwarf Bronze to highlight the weapons and the buckels.

I painted the bases black and then washed the bones and metal with a diluted Delvin Mud - 50:50 ratio of Delvin Mud and water.

I flocked the bases with my "grass" mixture...

 ...and these guys were ready for the tabletop!

Here they are as part of the Undead Army during one of my games at NJcon.