Monday, May 21, 2012

The Stout Smurf's Ultramarines vs. Jawaballs’ Blood Angels Drop Pod List

To All,

Jawaballs LiveOn Saturday night I went over to Jawaballs' basement to play a little 40K. When got there I found myself walking into Jawa and Fritz (of Fritz 40K) live-broadcasting a couple of games they were playing during the day on USTREAM.  I brought my Ultramarines 2000-point Thunderfire Cannon list to play but when I got there found out Jawa was practicing his 1850 Blood Angels Drop Pod list for a tournament the following day. Luckily I had my computer in the car with Army Builder on and was able to adjust my list very quickly. We played a Kill Point mission and with a little help from Fritz, and some early Drop Pod misshaps, I was able to grab a surprise victory.  

If you want to see our game you can check it out here: 

That link starts after I have deployed - If you want to see the set-up click on this link and go to the 1:38:00 point and start watching there:

Here is the link to the Jawaballs channel:

Here is the list I played:

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  1. Random Question... You use a Chaplin in your 2000 point list right? You should use Cassius. For 125, he is a Bargain!