Thursday, May 3, 2012

28mm Skeleton: Painting part 1....

To All,

Painting the 28mm skeleton.

I primed the Skeletons with Krylon black primer.I used Krylon here instead of Army Painter black because all the primer on the miniature will be covered by another color or wash.
I stood the miniatures up and sprayed them with Army Painter Skeleton Bone.

The key to this step is a roughly 50-60 degree angle when spraying:

I did the one figure above as an example. When I did the unit they were lined up so I could spray the fronts and backs cleanly:

This is the result. As you can see the recesses still have the black in them.

I dry-brushed with Bleached Bone.This was just a quick stroke straight down on each side of the figure just to make sure all raised bone has color on it.

Quick dry-brush with Skull White. Just straight down on the head and torso, side to side on the legs. This will be your highlight.

I base-coat all the wood with DecoArt Americana Bittersweet Chocolate. Each pose has different "wooden" parts. The shafts of the spears, the inside of the shields, the bow and quiver on the archer.

Dry-brush with Dark Chocolate

Dry-brush highlight of Milk Chocolate on the wood.

Final highlight with Honey Brown.

I hit the weapons and outside of the shields with Boltgun Metal. I highlighted with Chainmail. Here is where I will pick up tomorrow night.

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  1. Enjoyed the tutorial; and the skeletons are looking good!