Tuesday, May 1, 2012

28mm Skeleton Warriors: And so it begins...(sort of)....

To All,

I'm sorry I haven't posted the painting tutorial for skeletons yet - I have been trying to figure out the best way to get the bone done. These are the three samples I'm happy with - What do you think? Concentrate on the bone - the weapons still need some highlights and finish work.

The 28mm/32mm skeletons are available from Emperor's Choice. These are from their "Basic" line

I'm really looking for constructive criticism here so please post a comment.

25mm skeletons, 28mm skeletons.

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  1. Sorry you never got any feedback. I've been searching for while, looking at how to paint my sons skeleton archer, and yours is the best I've seen! Over a year late, but good job! Great bone-like texture and life-like color pallet for their weapons! Couldn't do better myself...but thanks for giving me something to "shoot" for. <<---archer joke.