Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cold Wars: Big Game Part 4

To All,

So, back on the island the Sikhs are trying to mow down the cannibals

....Bill sends the other half of his Irish to capture the coconut catapult....

....which he does, then uses it to support the troops trapped in the village....

....while the Swiss lay down some Swiss Cheese, which serves the dual purpose of taking out a unit of cannibals and setting up a protective barrier along the escape route.

Two groups of cannibals, unable to get a meal in the village,  take to the canoes and head to the ships

After thrashing the cannibals, someone in the village touched the sacred statue, which summoned the a zombie attack. That was, surprisingly, quickly squashed by machine gun fire and Swiss Cheese.

The next attack was dinosaurs. In the past players have mostly run away from the dinosaurs, taking pot-shots as they go. This group charged straight into the Dino's, killing them off before they could do any real damage....

....and then they headed to the boats...

....more to come!

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  1. Hello, Stumbled on to your gaming frenzy while starring at the home page of TMP, soon after awaking to a new day. Great figures, game story, and fun (I'm sure). Thanks for the 1st "wake-up slap" of the morning!