Thursday, March 1, 2012

British Marines: Part 7

To All,

Finishing the "Redcoat" Marines.

For flesh I mix Howard Hues Suntan and GW Chestnut Ink. (I know this recipe is really not that effective for some because the Chestnut Ink is OOP. I have what is probably the last two pots.) This first mix is allied to the hands and face.

In order to give the flesh time my next step is to dry I drybrushed Burnt Sienna on the gun stocks.
Then I do two more layers of flesh - I add a couple of drops of Titanium White to the previous mix.
After those two steps I hit the beard, face, and gun with GW Ogryn Flesh wash. It helps to blend all the shading.
Here is the result:

More to come....


  1. OK, I have to say it, that is an incredable amount of marines! they look great.

    One thing tho, it may just be because I am a dwarf player, but those look like dwarfs! I want them to go along with my Long Drong's pirates!

    are you planning to use a wash on them? The coats and pants look a bit flat to me.

    Keep up the good work, I'm reading every post!

  2. I did hit the coats with a red wash and the flesh/gun stocks with Orgyn Flesh. It help them a bit - you will see it when I post the flocked Marines.

    After the convention I will look into doing something with the pants and lapels - I attempted to wash them but it looked terrible.