Monday, August 21, 2017

Casting Tequila Worms (and a wizard) in resin, Part 3......

To All,

The mold has set and by the look of it seems to free of bubbles.
The tape is cut away...

...and the mold pulled of the base. As you can see, parts of the original figures stayed on the base (sorry Mike).

After removing the figures from the mold,......

...... a little glue and they are back in shape.

Finished mold.

Because the figures all have brimmed hats to help avoid bubbles I'm going to use the vacuum chamber for the resin. Smooth-Cast 310 has a pot life of 15 minutes and a cure time of 3 hours.

Equal parts of part A and Part B......

....and into the chamber for 3 minutes.

I spray each avity in the mold with Mann's Ease Release 200.....

...and pour into the mold.

More to come.

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