Thursday, August 17, 2017

Casting Tequila Worms (and a wizard) in resin......

To All,

My friend Mike Lung is mildly obsessed with a homegrown sci-fi/pulp western game he has been developing and he has been sculpting and modifying figures for the game. He asked me to see if I can make resin casts of the figures and gave me a few to try.

First, using wood glue, I glued the figures to a piece of Luan Panel cut so that it will fit into the vacuum chamber. I use a very thin layer of glue so that the figures hold, there is a "seal" around the base of the figure, but the glue doesn't seep out and "add" to the figure and the base.

The figures are spaced so that there is roughly a finger width between them. They can be closer but in my experience this will help with the integrity of the mold over time.

Next I use foamcore to make the box. I measured for height....

 ....and begin to score the foamcore. I only score the outside paper and attempt to keep the inner layer of paper intact.

Here is the foamcore around the figures forming the "box." Every time I want to make it smaller I just score and bend.

Using thin masking tape I seal and secure the bottom of the box. Then using the thicker tape I shore up and seal the box.

 This step can probably be skipped but I then wrap the box in painters tape. I do it because I wanted to give the box more structure in the vacuum chamber but if it is necessary I can't  say.

Here is the completed box, making the mold tonight.

  More to come.....

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