Thursday, February 4, 2016

Pulp Figures Radon Zombies

To All,
I ordered some Radon Zombies from Pulp Figures.  I primed them with Army Painter matte black:

For the base coat on the 'uniform' I made a mix of equal parts DecoArt Americana Slate Grey,  DecoArt Americana Desert Turquoise, and Vallejo Thinner Medium.  I also added a drop of water. The thinner medium is a great way to get your paint to flow, thin it out without separating and clumping the pigment, and get smooth coverage.

 When doing custom colors I find it helpful to get little painting pots and mix the colors in them. That way if you need to touch-up a spot you have the exact color ready to go.
 I got these from Michaels -  $2.49 for 18.
Paint mixture

First pass on the uniforms:

More to come....

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