Monday, March 25, 2019

Gnome Wars - Cold Wars 2019

To All,

Here are a few images from the Gnome Wars game that I ran on Saturday night at Cold Wars. The Germans were trying to hold the castle from the allies.

The Undead rush through the breach in the wall...
The Leprechauns, British Marines, and the Cavemen/dinosaurs all rushed for the breach. It seemed the Germans holding the breach were going to get overrun, but the witch cast a spell and summoned the Undead army.  The skeletons rushed through the breach and entered the melee, causing chaos and plugging the breach for a bunch of turns.
Elias sorting out the melee. 
Everyone awaiting the outcome of the melee. Everyone who survived was lock in combat for the next turn.
Derrick "The Viking" attacking with the pirates. 
One unit of Swiss and the Sikhs press the center. They concentrated their mortar fire on the gate house and caused it to crumble. A mad and bloody dash ensued.
The Undead and Leprechauns still
fighting in front of the breach.
The Witch responded by sending the pumpkins (the pumpkins explode like mortar shots) and the zombies in that direction. The attacking pirates seize that opportunity and fling Lucky Lon over the wall.

The witch blowing up Swiss with the pumpkins...

A unit of Swiss get blown up on the bridge, which also destroys it, but that seems like a distraction as.....
Swiss come up through a tunnel and
Swiss Cheese a unit of Germans.
...two complete units of Swiss pop up through tunnels and "lay down the Swiss." As that is happening the dinosaurs rush through the breach causing general disarray.
The dreaded Cheese Suffocation rule comes int effect.
The allies took the left side of the castle but the two veteran players on the right side keep it from becoming an allied victory. We'll continue next convention.

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