Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hydra Miniatures Robot Legion sneek peek....The Stout Smurf

To All,

Here is a little sneak peek of the figures I'm working on for the pulp sci fi game for Friday night at Cold Wars:

The Robot Legion

Hydra Miniatures Robot Legion

Better pictures and a painting tutorial to come.....

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Mouseling Blood Angel Dreadnaught.....

To All,

A Blood Angels mouseling Dreadnaught. This is an anti-personnel Dread as it is equipped with lightning claws and a heavy flamer:
Blood Angels mouseling Dread

The Ultramarines Dread is anti tank, vehicle, and dreadnought with a Gatling gun and a power fist.  

Ultramarine & Blood Angels mouseling Dread
The pair should be formidable....

more to come.....

Friday, February 12, 2016

The Goblins get some support........

To All,

In a previous post  I showed some  Brigade Games Goblin Space Wars figures
that are going to be in action on Friday night at Cold Wars.  Every other faction and race that is going to land on Planet P has some sort of heavy support so I figured that the goblins should have some, too. I painted up a Clanking Destroyer by Kromlech.

Clanking Destroyer by Kromlech
Here is the unit with the Clanking Destroyer. I painted it up using the same color scheme as the goblins so that it "fit" into the unit and didn't look like something that just showed up.
A couple of shots of the Clanking Destroyer from different angles.

A couple of pictures of the unit.

more to come.......

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Grymn Heavy support....

To All,

 Here we have the third unit of Hasslefree Miniatures Grymn. A Heavy Infantry Squad in Enviro suits. I went with an "Ultramarine scouts" paint scheme on them. My goal for the unit was 'decent 2-footer,' and I think I'm there.
Hasslefree Grymn heavy infantry
 Their main purpose is to spray the battlefield with bolter shots. The Space Mice and the Moles should be wary on Friday night at Cold Wars.

If you want to check out some nicely painted Grymn check out the It's Grymn Out There blog.

More to come.....

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Grymn from Hasslefree Miniatures......

To All,

Here we have another Grymn unit - a Heavy Infantry Squad with helmets from Hasslefree Miniatures.

Grymn form Hasslefree Miniatures
I painted them in the same color scheme as the assault squad so that the units, if the scenario provides,  can be combined.

If you want to see a bunch of well painted Grymn units check out this guy's blog: It's Grymn Out There.

more to come.....

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


To All,

The Grymn are Space Dwarfs created and sold by Hasslefree Miniatures. Here is the first unit I finished :
I figured this will be an assault squad - The two power armored Grymn can wade into the melee while the 'pistoleros' spray the enemy with a hail of rounds from cover.

If you are interested in looking at a bunch of painted Grymn figures check out this dude's blog: It's Grymn Out There.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Radon Zombies of the Ionosphere

To All,

Radon Zombies of the Ionosphere

I finished the Radon Zombies from Pulp Figures last night. I took them off my painting bench to let them sit for a few days. Then I'll look at them and do any touch-ups and add some extreme highlights (I do this with all figures and stuff I paint).

I'm not going crazy on these figures - just getting them to be good "2-footers" for the game at Cold Wars. That's why I only went three shades.

Radon Zombies of the Ionosphere
For the leather hoods and gloves I used this series of DecoArt Americana browns. I like the Americana acrylics because the shades really work well together and they are consistent from bottle to bottle.
For the weapons I used GW metallics:
For the "energy" inside the weapons I used GW reds and orange:

Here are the Zombie leaders:
I'll need to fix her eyes...

more to come......

Friday, February 5, 2016

Brigade Games - Goblin Space Wars.....

To All,

I painted up some Brigade Games Goblin Space Wars figures. They are smaller than I'm used to painting (because the Gnomes are so large) but they have great detail on them.

This will be split into two 6-goblin units.
Brigade Games Goblins

They will be in the fight on Friday night at Cold Wars....

More to come......

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Pulp Figures Radon Zombies

To All,
I ordered some Radon Zombies from Pulp Figures.  I primed them with Army Painter matte black:

For the base coat on the 'uniform' I made a mix of equal parts DecoArt Americana Slate Grey,  DecoArt Americana Desert Turquoise, and Vallejo Thinner Medium.  I also added a drop of water. The thinner medium is a great way to get your paint to flow, thin it out without separating and clumping the pigment, and get smooth coverage.

 When doing custom colors I find it helpful to get little painting pots and mix the colors in them. That way if you need to touch-up a spot you have the exact color ready to go.
 I got these from Michaels -  $2.49 for 18.
Paint mixture

First pass on the uniforms:

More to come....

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Reaper Space Mouslings....

To All,

I haven't really painted anything in a year being on a self imposed hiatus because of some health issues and to work on the next version of Gnome Wars. If I'm honest with you (and myself)  the other 'Stout Gnomes' started doing their part for the rules and I slacked off. Before I get back in the Gnome Wars saddle, Mike Lung and I are going to put on a pulpy space game on Friday night at Cold Wars.

I started painting up some units for the game:

Reaper Mouslings painted up in the flavor of Ultramarines. Some modifications are the plasma gun & chain sword for the sergeant, the bolter, and a different "shotgun" barrel for one of the rifles.

The Dreadnought with Gatling gun and powerfist. I'm in the process of painting up a banner.

More to come...