Thursday, April 26, 2012

herzogbrian's Gnome Wars game at Spring Fever

To All,

Last weekend herzogbrian ran a couple of games at Spring Fever. He has gotten great reviews on the yahoo group as well as on The Miniatures Page - check it out here: TMP write-up and pictures.

One was a traditional tabletop game - here are some pictures with captions:

And so it begins..
The Hasenuhlanen enter the town along with the Lieb Jagermeisters and Kaiser Mast:

The Jagermeisters ready for battle:
The 15th Bengal Native Inf. lead the way:

Les Legion's Artillery deploys:

Bunny Carnage:

Les Chocolat Eclaireurs charge home:
The Witch and her brood:

The Lieb Jagermeisters get Fudged:
The Witch turns the tide using her magic acorn to turn a Sikh into a Mummy:

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